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R500 Radiation scanner

• Ergonomically designed with a comfortable hand feel
• Large LCD with bar graph display
• Types of measured Ray: α β γ and x-ray
• Display units complete: CPS, CPM, Sv/h, rem/h
• Accumulates the radiation measurement data
• Design is compact and anti-impact, easy to carry
• History data can be uploaded to PC
• Patent in tracking algorithm realized high stability and fast response


R500 Radiation Scanner


R500 radiation scanner has awarded the creative design by AMT due to its excellent design. The R500 has adopted the nuclear radiation sensor standards as recommended by the American Bureau of Standards and it has a 2 inch large flat high sensitivity sensor. R500 radiation scanner can detect α β γ and x-rays intensity. Range of measurement is from 0.01µSv/h to2000µSv/h.

R500 radiation scanner meet the ergonomics design, special designed grip, easy to grasp, the palm will not be polluted. With a correction factor function, customer can self calibration accuracy; Patent algorithm, it owns the background value stability as well as fast response, meantime improved sensitivity, Protection from electromagnetic interference using anti-saturation circuitry. Calibration of this unit can be done remotely so there is no need for direct contact at the time of calibration. The R500 has CE certification, EMC certification and is manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards.


Model R500 can be easily used in restaurants, hotels, home, public places, laboratories, power plants, quarries, emergency rescue stations, metal treatment plants, underground oil fields, and oil pipeline equipment, environmental protection, police stations and other departments. It can also be used to:

Inspect food pollution

Inspect environmental pollution

Inspect radioactivity of porcelain tableware and glass etc

Inspect radioactivity of materials architecture such as stone etc

Inspect radioactivity of underground drilling pipes and equipment

Inspect harmful radiation in personal precious property and jewelry
Inspect X-ray intensity of Medical and industrial X-ray instrumentation

Inspect radon radiation and cesium pollution in the surrounding environment 

Inspect landfill and garbage dumps in danger of nuclear radiation contamination


Product features

Large end-window GM detector

Large LCD with bar graph display

Types of measured Ray: α β γ and x ray

Patent background tracking algorithm, the realization of high stability and fast response

Ray selector switch: combined selection of α β γ and x ray

Display units complete: cps, cpm, Sv/h, rme/h

Stain-proof sets, as a special, avoid people and detector polluted

Telescopic distance measuring nuclear radiation to avoid bodily harms (matching)

Optional wired 1km transmission RS485 distance

History data can be uploaded to PC

Optional PC 1 with 4 or 1 with 8 system


1. Slide cover

By opening the slide you are able to detect α β γ and x-rays

By closing the slide the sensor is dual protected and can detect gamma and x-rays

2. Stain-proof sets

With stain proof sets, even if contacting with materials polluted by radiation there is no need for concern just replace the stain-proof sleeve on the R500

3. Telescope link

Telescope link can extend to 1.5 meter maximum to remotely detect radiation rays and protect humans from potential injuries

The point angle of the telescopic rod can be randomly adjusted


Types of measured ray                

α β γ and x ray( Ray selection switch )                


Radiation dose rate:0.01µSv/h-2000µSv/h;                


Impulse dose rate:0-9999cps                

Radiation dose accumulation:0.001µSv-999Sv                

Gamma sensitivity                

1µSv/h≥7cps (Cs137)                

Energy response                

20keV- 3MeV ( energy compensation selection switch)            


Large GM tube effective diameter 45mm                

MICA window density1.5-2.0mg/ cm2                

Output port                

USB Port (with special USB extend cable to opt which can extend to 100M)                

Background value stability                

±0.02µSv/h (8 hours)                


Large LCD with bar graph display                


Pu239 (α) about 40%;

Am-241 (5.5MeVα) about 36%;

Sr-90 (546KeV,2.3MeVβmax) about 65%;

C-14 (156KeVβmax) about 8%;

Bi-210 (1.2 Me/V β max) about 64%.

Anti saturation                

Exceed the maximum reading of up to 100 times


Calibration factor adjustable

Alarm function                

Audible and visual alarm, alarm value setting fully adjustable default: 5μSv/hr




Manually or automatically


Transmit data in real-time to computer for displaying analyzing and recording

Influence of the electromagnetic wave                


10 times geomagnetic field influence                


Working temperature                

-20℃ to 60℃

Storage temperature                

-30℃ to 75℃

Working humidity                

<90%R.H (condensate)

Atmospheric pressure                





L300mm, W90mm, H40mm 


3 AA battery Continuous operation for up to 30 days    

Quality certifications                

European CE, ISO9001                


A multi PC software (optional: 2 units, 4 units, 8 units, 16 units......)                

Data is transmitted in real-time to computer for displaying and analyzing

Angle response data


Option: Telescopic link                

Model:                                      MP-4                


Section number                         4                

Max  pipe  diameter               Φ25.8mm                


Max height                               153cm                

Reduced height                           49cm                


weight(kg)                                0.32kg                


Use: distance-detecting nuclear radiation to avoid human radiation exposure. The point angle of the telescopic rod can be randomly adjusted.


Consumables: Stain-proof sets

Data is transmitted in real-time to computer for displaying and analyzing 

Software analysis

A multi PC software

Selection description

The most popular package                

NO.1:R500 +Stain-proof sets+PC software                

NO.2:R500+Stain-proof sets+Telescopic link+PC software                

NO.3:Multiple R500-RS485+PC softwareoptional246816 hosts                

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